Servo motor controlled film driving and sealing system, easy film changing device, Automatic film centering system, electronic film tension control system and bags dimensional optimization are all assure film savings excellently. There are many machines on the market for comparison purposes but these features are unique in HIPOMAK machines. This topic is guaranteed that you will profit.


Welding quality, Bags and the very good sealing jaw formation allows the capture of excellent quality in the packaging process.


The machines that exist in the market are required to do manual adjustments. This means a waste of time.Our packaging machines are developed with the CLP process systemwhich is provides fast and accurate adjustments.Another and very important feature is that the programmable memory can store many special programs.

Flexibility in Packaging Mode

One of the most important features is actual quality suitable for each market. The diversity of possible adjustments on the machine makes it possible to pack in different ways according to your product needs and the market's demand.

Intelligent Design

Thanks to the intelligent design,it could be easily accessall parts of the machine. Centralization of electrical components and pneumatic systems that allows independent control of systems and components during machine adjustments and maintenance are a powerful point that must be taken into consideration.

Technical Services and Assembling

In HIPOMAK PACKAGING SYSTEMS the technical services is disciplined in the form of a detailed process. The system installation is carried out by qualified professional and experienced specialists. Our technicians are responsible for training of the operators that use the machine, full integration OF the machine into production line and carrying out the test in the actual working conditionsthat the system is assembled in.