Multi-head Combinational Weighers (MW)

Modern and flexible design of these weighing units enables their installation in different models so as to meet a wider range of production requirements. Depending upon the product features, the weighing units use two rows of baskets (excellent product treating and great flexibility) or three rows (compact lay-out and high production). it is suitable for expensive products that need precise weights and for easy broken products like nuts, candies, chips, pet food, pieced vegetable, pastries, frozen products, vegetable mixes and salads, grated cheese, some meat products.

Main Features
  • Vibrating central feeder
  • Body made of stainless steel ANSI 304 Cr-Ni
  • Step motor controlled cups
  • Time hopper with two motors
  • Color touch screen control panel 2 languages (Turkish and English Language)
  • Easy setup from one product to another
  • Easy assembly and assembly and cleaning
  • Automatic cleaning and disposal
  • Different style of feeding for big grams
  • Tare zeroing after desired number of weighments
  • Totalizing number of weighments
  • Self diagnoses
  • Real time clock
  • 50 preset programs
  • Possibility of using for manual dosing into premade packages
  • Module construction of dosing weighers
  • Power requirement: 220V, 50Hz, mono faze
  • Accuracy: 0.1 - 0.2 gr.
  • Bucket Size: available in 1.6Lt, 2.5Lt and 5Lt
  • Number of Heads: available in 10 heads, 14 heads and 20 heads
  • Speed: 60 - 130 depending on the number of heads (and the product)
  • Special application on the surface: Dimpled, Teflon coated, to be suitable for frozen food and sticky product.

Kefe Sayısı101420101410
Tartım Limiti1000 gr1000 gr1000 gr2500 gr2500 gr250 gr
Hassasiyet0.1 gr0.1 gr0.1 gr0.1 gr0.1 gr0.1 gr
Kapasite65 / min90 / min135 / min55 / min75 / min75 / min
Kefe Hacmi1.6 lt1.6-2.5 lt1.6 lt5 lt5 lt0.5 lt
Güç Gereksinimi220 V 50 hz
1.5 KW
220 V 50 hz
2 KW
220 V 50 hz
3 KW
220 V 50 hz
1.8 KW
220 V 50 hz
2.5 KW
220 V 50 hz
0.8 KW
BoyutlarA= 1310
B= 1135
C= 1150
A= 1400
B= 1180
C= 1220
A= 1629
B= 1665
C= 1665
A= 1828
B= 1733
C= 1565
A= 1982
B= 1932
C= 1565
A= 800
B= 800
C= 961