Checkweigher is an automatic machine for checking the weight of packaged commodities. It is normally found at the offgoing end of a production process and is used to ensure that the weight of a pack of the commodity is within specified limits. Any packs that are outside the tolerance are taken out of line automatically.Acheckweigher can weigh in excess of 500 items per minute (depending on carton size and accuracy requirements).

Ebatlar MCW-10MCW-14
Genişlik1200 mm1400 mm
Uzunluk1200 mm1400 mm
Yükseklik (MR 32)1213 mm1235 mm
Ağırlık2000 kg

1200 kg

Teknik Data  
Kefe Sayısı1014
Tartım Aralığı1000 gr1000 gr
Hassasiyet0.8 gr0.5 gr
Hız65 tartım/dak110 tartım/dak
Tartılan Toplam Hacim4 Litre4 Litre
Aynı Anda Atılan Ürün Sayısı11
Çıkış Sayısı11
Güç Gereksinimi220V 50hz 1.5KW220V 50hz 2 KW
Hava gereksinimi--